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Every relationship is always built on trust, coupled with a good human relation. And today I will be discussing on relationship building as related to business and how you can apply them in order to gain the love and trust of your customer or followers.
Either you are working for yourself or you are employed to work for someone, its very important that we posses a very good human relationship, because your way and manner of approach to people speaks a lot for you. If you are employed in a small or big business venture, it’s always important that you study and understand your boss, and what are the best ways to chart with him/her or even influence your boss in some decision making. But there is one great challenge which many workers face today, and that’s differentiating business matters from personal matters. Kindly permit me to relate a true life experience which I was opportune to be an eye witness.

There is this good friend of mine (yannie) which we happen to live in the same estate but a little bit far from my house and she also worship at the same place which I do. This good friend of mine works for a private business man, she and her elder sister and to the best of my knowledge she has worked for 6 years at that firm. But one day the man decides to reduce his man power and this friend of mine was relived of her job. Prior to that they’ve live in the companies quarter and have been having problems with their boss wife and some little matters that does not really deserves attention. After this good friend of mine was relived of her job, do you know that her elder sister went ahead to tender her resignation letter, giving excuses, that why was her younger sister relived of her duty and now the job is going to be too tedious for her to handle. Not putting into consideration some of the amenities they derive. Eventually they lost the house they were living and also jobless as I speak except from my friend who just got a news job just two months ago, and which is not as good as the one she lost and now things are really not really smiling at them. This is because they refused to differentiate from business matters and that which are personal.
*names in this article has been changed

Back to our discussion for today which is building a good business relationship. Now my little experience above raised some vital questions.
•    What is it that really pleases or agitates my boss?
•    How does my boss function in terms of coping with circular jobs and matters arising from his household?

•    How much attention do I pay to my boss personal matters?

You will found out that when we have a great boss we take most things for granted, but when we happen to have a difficult boss, what drives use crazy is what we focus more on.
Creating a successful and powerful working relationship is a skill to be utilized in our career and recognizing the factors that contribute to this success is essential.

One way of creating a successful business relation is by, first identifying your boss personality. Let’s take for example yannie my friend and me emma, we both work in a different firm. Yannie’s boss is full of ideas, high energy which he brings into play in his business and so he rarely acknowledges his staff tireless efforts, he assumes they know how much he appreciates and values them. My (emma) boss like wise, is a hard working woman but she miss manages her staff’s. I being one of her staff am troubled that my boss does not trust me and as such might not recommend me for any promotion.
 Have you being able to identify the personality type between these two bosses?
 Yannie’s boss and that of emma. I will go further to explain to you in details the kinds of personality types we have.
According too peoplemap Tm. Personality type comprises of leader, people, free spirit and task type personality. It’s widely accepted that each person posses at least two personality type. If you are capable of identifying your personality type and that of your boss, then achieving the best result from working together would not be difficult.

 The leader personality type is result oriented, they always see the sky as their beginning. They are described as assertive, honest, egger to make hard decisions, face problems head-on. More to that, they admit their impatience and often forget to complement or acknowledge others.

The people type personality is relationship oriented, they enjoy hanging out with others, spend quality time, and help in communicating and offering a listening ear. Easily, they are described as home of comfort, this people type are very caring, they hastily avoid troubles, social and always seeks for approvals in what ever they do. Due to such good heart of theirs they find it difficult in making decisions in other not to hurt their loved ones.

The free spirit personality are adventures and love excitements. Always ready to take risk, very creative, manage crises properly and are great at solving problems. Usually, the hard handed authority does not work along with them and are easily distracted. And lastly

The task type can be demanding so much of themselves and others in terms of perfection on what ever job they carry out, and as such they always face difficulty adjusting to change. But all in all they love to work and organize themselves and others with a blueprint on how to manage any kind of situation that may arise. They also work well with predictions.

At this point now your discernment comes in to play. After you have reviewed the four personality type, am sure you’ve been able to point out which one best describes you. Remember, that each person possess at least two personality type. Think of which personality type best fits your boss description and are they similar to that of yours?
Now let’s carefully fit in our boss illustration above into this topic to derive maximum understanding. The first, yannie’s boss is a leader and free spirit personality type, while his staff yannie is a people and task personality type. Quite opposite, yet compliments each others weakness and strength. The clearer yannie recognizes and understands her boss personality types, the less upset she gets with her boss way of doing things, and this would help in learning and developing comfort in making suggestions to her boss as to staff acknowledgement.
The second, emma’s boss is a leader and task personality type and if emma is people and task type, they both tend to focus more on details and feel at easy when they know that everything is taken care of, since both are task type. If emma understands that her boss personality type is similar to that of his, I will simply understand that my boss puts trust in me, but is pre-occupied with details, just like her staff. This will enable the staff to bring out his people skill.
If you are able to understand your boss’s personality types as well as yours then an effective working relationship can be meet. Even if differences occur in a vent of wanting to stand your position of wanting to work, it leads to a double winning situation.

Do not always forget that you can always hold your audience with your powerful way of expression, your good human relation bring people more closer to you, giving you a great room of opportunity to build trust and honesty around your followers this will make them fell more relax with you and wanting to hear what you have be it what you are selling, requesting or giving out for free.

The people map tm personality was gathered from a good writer Gail solish of actualizeyourgoals.com