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Lake and skyImage by yooperann via Flickr         THE GOD FACTOR THAT BINDS EVERY BUSINESS/ENTERPRISE

To every successful business minded blogger or what ever platform you run that has brought you success, there is this one and only reason for such success to have seen the light and that’s the ‘‘sovereign’’ of the universe GOD. In every thing we do the almighty God has the final job on his desk. At this point in this article of mine I ‘will urge that you kindly join me in the train at which is about to move.

 This quickly recalls to my mind the words of the Holy Bible in the book of 1cor 3:6.

‘‘I planted Apollo’s watered but God kept making it grow’’. Please kindly permit me to say that this blog is not a religious blog, I couldn’t but had to put up this write-up since attaining success in business or any endeavor comes from God, I felt there was a need for me to discourse on the God factor. But rather, young intellect is simply in a vend of incorporating youths as an integral part of the worlds large business economy, this is because the amount of information younger generations have are so phenomenal, ready to be exhibited. Thus in the course of my discussions i will make it simplified and clear as possible and will be referring to historical issues and true life experience. 

In other not to derail from the topical issue for today which is the God factor i will make my illustrations short and yet full of vitality. I employ that you feel free to give a wider range of thought to the Paul and Apollo’s illustration mentioned earlier on.

 As humans we quickly praise ourselves at every success of ours and easily forget the supernatural force behind our success, I don’t mean we don’t deserve such. Then, what do I mean? Its simply implies that we give honor to whom honor is due to. If a man works about 12 hours or more per day and he has to undergoes this same routine for days, weeks, months perhaps years and he just cant boast of his own apartment which he built, am even going too far, this man in my illustration doesn’t even have up to he tune of $50, 00 in his account, this same man happens to be the first man that leaves home on his street and comes in so late at night. Would you say this man does not work hard to earn a leaving? If NO, then, then does it mean that success is being withheld from this man, by whom?

Recall that God can never be tried with evil things and neither will he try you with evil (James 1:13). Then where lays the fault?

The fact that all your desires are not coming to fulfillment does not mean that God is against your success, rather, think about when you were a kid and ask yourself  ‘did my parents  meet and satisfy all my desire’?

I leave your conscience to answer that.

Then, does it simply mean our parents are against our success in life? If you answered that question correctly with your conscience then we both agree that patience and faith is required. knowing that God never fails his people

PATIENCE: Jesus Christ while he was here on earth told his disciples he will be going back to his father in heaven but he will be coming back soon. And it’s over 20000 years past and we are patiently waiting for the coming of Christ. This simply show the strong FAITH- we hold as to the coming of Christ, this same hope millions who are dead patiently waited for but never saw his coming, but does that erase the fact that Christ is coming back!

 I will be glad if you also answer in uniformity with your conscience.

If you are yet to record success in your business or that endeavor of yours, please do not give up, continue to strive hard with patience and faith at the good work of yours. Because, times after times of events and history has proven that God never fails.

Are you a business inclined person? Do you have a small or large scale enterprise that is still finding it hard to grow! please this is not the best time to give up, rather look back and take a look at how far you’ve come and this are my little words ‘‘keep on planting, keep watering and definitely God will make it grow’’.

But then you might be tempted to ask: those who indulge in crime, illegal deals and cyber crime or scamming and derive the so called ‘‘success’’ from it, are they also govern by the God factor? This will be addressed in our next article.

Once again you are welcome to young intellect.

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